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Archie Fineberg Author/ Photographer

In 2007 Archie Fineberg, a       seasoned business executive, became enchanted by the art in Montreal’s streets and alleys. This fascination led to extensive exploration and photographing of these works, a gallery exhibition and eventually the publication of books and PowerPoint presentations. The latest phase of this passion has found expression in the creation of tour maps.

Archie Fineberg Auteur/ Photographe

En 2007, Archie Fineberg, un cadre d’affaires chevronné, a été enchanté par l’art dans les rues et ruelles de Montréal. Cette fascination a conduit à une exploration et une photographie approfondies de ces œuvres, une exposition en galerie et, éventuellement, la publication de livres et de présentations PowerPoint. La dernière phase de cette passion a trouvé son expression dans la création de cartes de randonnée à pied.

Archie Fineberg’s Latest Releases

"Your presentation was such a joy, from beginning to end . . . The explosion of colours and exuberance of the artists' imagination kept me smiling throughout."

Ivana, Liberal Arts College

An excellent presentation!
Unique! Very enjoyable!
Wonderful to have such a passion!

Evelyn, Beth Zion Congregation

Reviews and  Comments

"This event has allowed me to travel the city to appreciate this type of art, and the talent of the artists."

Rena, Women's Canadian Club of Montreal

"Congratulations on taking the initiative to explore all the facets of this art form. 

In so doing,you have made a great contribution in revealing the artists' talents in making this a living testimony of contemporary life."

Suzanne, Town of Mount Royal Library

Thank you again for the splendid presentation you delivered . . . describing Montreal's Street Art Gallery . . .Your research into Montreal's unique artistic works and graffiti is impressive and the explanations and observations you made during the presentation were exemplary. Through your lecture, you showed how vibrant and topical street art can be, and how available it is to all citizens."

"This event has allowed me to travel the city to appreciate this type of art, and the talent of the artists."

Graham, Guelph Summer Lecture Club

“Fineberg explored the city of Montreal end to end for his book, which documents the ephemeral art that decorates the sides of our buildings, crumbling walls and overpasses.”

Julie Anne Pattee, The Montreal Gazette, Aug 25 2017

Absolutely sensational presentation of Street Art in Montreal. I have already taken advantage of some of your wonderful maps and descriptions to see these works close up

Melvin, Beth Zion Congregation

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